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Why is artificial stone the future of architecture

2023-02-28 14:08:09

1. Advantages of artificial stone in resources

Artificial stone has great advantages over natural stone in resource utilization

Some data show that in China, one of every three mines will become Feishishan, resulting in a huge waste of resources, and the loss of precious natural wealth is appalling. On the contrary, artificial stone is made of natural gravel as raw material, plus adhesive and other pressure polishing, and the raw material of natural gravel is endless, greatly ensuring the utilization rate of resources


2. Advantages of artificial stone in energy

First of all, in terms of production energy consumption, artificial stone is smaller than natural stone, and its thickness is generally 40% of that of natural stone, which greatly reduces the weight of buildings and reduces the energy consumption of transportation and construction. In addition, the production of artificial stone is relatively simple, and the production process and equipment required are not complex, and the energy consumption for production modeling is lower than that of natural stone. Secondly, in terms of operation energy consumption, artificial stone has better thermal environment performance than traditional stone, and has better acid-resistant properties than ordinary stone, reducing unnecessary energy consumpti

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3. Advantages of artificial stone in environmental quality

The production and processing process of artificial stone is relatively simple. The raw materials can be directly produced locally, avoiding the transportation of raw materials from a relatively distant place to the construction site, and reducing the adverse impact on the entire ecological environment. On the other hand, compared with traditional stones, the new environment-friendly stone has no radioactivity. Because its production ingredients are all inorganic substances, it does not contain chemical ingredients and is odorless and non-toxic, so as to avoid affecting the health of construction workers and construction users and reduce the pollution of dust and organic substances in the environment. In addition, the recycling rate of artificial stone is high. Through the stone recycling system, it can effectively reduce the pressure of landfill and save natural resources.

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Finally, artificial stone creates the boundary of traditional stone only used for interior decoration engineering, and overcomes the hollowing, distortion and falling off of traditional artificial stone due to long-term use, so it has a broader development prospect.

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