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Which is more durable, quartz or granite countertops

2023-01-15 11:47:34

In the stone industry, from natural granite to quartz stone, we receive new things all the time, but do you know which one is more durable?

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Granite: It is a natural material excavated from the mine. It can be verified by time. The material is hard and very easy to handle, but most of them are very brittle and have few colors and styles

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Quartz stone: It belongs to the ceiling of artificial stone. It is made of quartz sand and resin mixed and pressed. The authentic quartz stone is hard, tough, and has many colors and patterns. Compared with granite, its appearance is more popular, but the stains will seep into it if it is not wiped for a long time. It will be difficult to see at that time. The person who chooses it should wipe the stains in time. Many businesses on the market use substandard high imitation quartz stone to confuse it with authentic quartz stone by its same appearance. The identification method is also very simple. If you use a key to scratch the surface, the trace is black and easy to erase, it is authentic quartz stone. The principle is that its quartz sand content is high and its hardness is high.


To sum up, we can understand that the quartz table top is slightly better than the granite table top.

Finally, I wish everyone can find stones suitable for their home decoration. Xiamen Smython Stone welcomes your choice!