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Where are home decoration artificial stones mainly used

2023-01-31 14:11:18

1. Artificial stone decorated window sill

In the modern art of home decoration, the decoration of wooden wainscot gradually fades away, and then the decorative art fades away is the wooden windowsill. Everyone may have the understanding that if the windowsill in the home decoration is wooden, its color will soon fall off, and it is easy to peel when exposed to water and other phenomena. Therefore, people are gradually using stone panels instead of wooden window sills. It not only avoids the problem of discoloration over time, but also extends the decoration life and service life due to its hard and dense texture.


2. Artificial stone as cabinet panel

Nowadays, most of the cabinet panels are also made of stone. In addition to the stone panels, there are stainless steel panels, granite countertops, etc. Although they can resist heat, water, scald and fire, the performance of artificial stone is more superior. Pay attention to the unity of the color of the stone and the overall cabinet when selecting and purchasing the stone panel of the cabinet. The high waterproof and oil resistance of the artificial stone and easy cleaning are the most prominent advantages. In addition, although the artificial stone is hard, its quality is lighter than that of natural stone. Therefore, from the comprehensive consideration of practicality and decoration, the artificial stone is the best cabinet surface decoration material.

3. Artificial stone as the TV background wall of the living room

Nowadays, many living room TV background walls are decorated with artificial stones, which looks high-end and atmospheric. If you have some retro patterns, you can create a retro style, which is very good as a TV background wall decoration.


4. Artificial stone as kitchen stove and operating table

Nowadays, many kitchen stoves and operating tables use artificial stones as countertops. One is easy to clean, and the artificial stone itself is very atmospheric, which can improve the quality of the whole kitchen.

I wish everyone can find stones suitable for their home decoration. Xiamen Smarter Stone welcomes your choice!