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Scratch Resistance Test of quartz and man made-marble

2023-02-20 16:19:26

Artificial quartz stone and artificial marble scratch experiment.

1.We can use hard objects such as keys and knives to scrape the surface of quartz stone, and then look at its scratches.

2.quartz stone hardness is high, comparable to diamond, do not have to worry about being scratched, scraped quartz stone surface shows a shallow trace, a little scrub traces can disappear, so this quartz stone is undoubtedly the real quartz stone, quality is very good.


3. Poor quality artificial marble mesa is very easy to crack, and easy to change color and corrosion. Marble countertops don't stand high temperatures. We can see that with a few gentle strokes of a knife, there will be large scratches, and can not be wiped clean, can only rely on the repair process to achieve rebirth. The hard Mohs hardness of marble is between 2.5 and 5, and the texture is soft, so it is easy to cause scratches.

4. Conclusion: The experimental results show that artificial quartz stone will appear scratches, wipe can be clean. Marble will appear scratches, wipe not clean, can only rely on repair.

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