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How to inspect Quartz Slabs

2021-09-08 16:18:03

1. Look from 3 meters, and compare with another slab; to ensure they are of same batch.


2. Observe the surface closely, to check undertone and textures especially the veins whether correct or not.


3. Focus on the textures whether they are natural, grains if balanced or not.


4. Measure the Slab Size and thickness with caliper. The length and height should be 2-3 cm wider. Check the average thickness as well.


5. Check the slab edges and backside, if any big chipping, cracks or stuck with brown paper; whether client LOGO is printed well.


6. Check the Packing and Loading container. Whether bundles are fumigated with IPPC marks; whether packages are reinforced with battens & wires in the container.