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How to Creating a Child Friendly Kitchen1

2021-12-09 13:48:00

1. Combine Kitchen and dining space

Opening the space between the Kitchen and Dining room connects the two rooms and whilst there are more benefits them just being able to keep a better eye on the children whilst playing, but also encouraging more interaction whilst cooking.


2. Location of Appliances

Hot appliances such a oven and cook top can be a real hazard when having little ones around the home. It is essential to position these appliances in the least hazardous position whilst designing your Kitchen renovation.

 The oven should be positioned on the wall, located at a height that little ones cannot reach, and the cook top and sink should be on the same bench as if you commence your Kitchen renovation without doing such, then transporting a hot pot of water from bench to bench could be in fact very dangerous if your young ones are at your feet.