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How many kinds of quartz stone in the market

2023-02-07 10:43:16

Quartz Stone or engineered quartz is currently the most popular surface materials in the market. Smarter Stone has a special definition on its types. The quartz stone colors are divided into 8 series, galaxy series, solid, finer grain, marble effect, granite effect, concrete, calacatta, and boutique series etc. Among them, galaxy and marble and calacatta looks are most ordered for countertops whether its decoration or renovations. Please click below link to see how we clarify the types of quartz.$id%7D.html

1. Galaxy colors are mainly white, grey and black, decorated with mirror flecks or mixed color dots. In South America, the popular colors are blue, red and oranges when it comes to kitchen tops.



2. Marble colors,has closest look to natural marbles or onyx stones. Carrara white is the best-seller and widely used in residencial houses.



3. Calacatta is the most luxury colors, white or super white base with large & subtle veins throughout the surface. Some calacatta can be made into translucent look with backlit.



Some pictures attached  so you can see the difference.

I wish everyone can find stones suitable for their home decoration.

Xiamen Smarter Stone welcomes your choice!

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