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2021-11-10 15:12:09

Smarter Quartz also SQ vanity tops offer one of the ultra value options in bathroom countertops. Our products feature natural stain resistance as well as protection against moisture buildup that can cause mold or mildew to grow. The result is a vanity counter that's easy to maintain and looks great in your home for longer.


Add an affordable price point and it's easy to see why the SQ line consistently ranks among our most popular products with both designers and homeowners. They come in at a lower price point than other premium vanity tops while still offering many of the core benefits. Unlike budget products, however,  SQ tops will stand the test of time thanks to their quality construction and carefully sourced materials.


Our standard Quartz vanity features a 3/4" thick top. A more durable 1-1/2" version is also available.