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6 Surprising uses for a Quartz countertop

2021-09-29 09:54:09

Find out some of the surprising uses for quartz in your home - and beyond.



Quartz is ideal for kitchen countertops because it's exceptionally hard an impervious to stains. However, it's not as heat-proof as, say, granite. That said, those qualities make quartz an ideal material for tabletops where you're less likely to need heat resistance. What's more, quartz is light, so you have many options for the table support.

A quartz table could go anywhere. You could use it as your main dining table, or you could set a smaller version up outside on a balcony. Quartz tables would also look attractive as end or other accent tables.

Kitchen Backsplash

SMARTER Quartz is impervious to stains because we use resins and polymers to make the slabs. That process renders them nonporous. A nonporous surface is excellent for a kitchen backsplash, which is supposed to protect your walls from humidity.

Many homeowners install stone backsplashes as a continuation of kitchen countertops. So, you have an almost seamless look of countertops and backsplashes from the same material. However, you could also mix a quartz backsplash with another material for the countertop, such as butcherblock or stainless steel.

Kitchen Utensils

Another use for quartz in the kitchen is as utensils. You will probably have quartz remnants left over after installation of your bigger pieces, such as countertops or a tabletop. If you have a piece that's big enough, consider having it made into a lazy Susan. In fact, if you have your fabricators cut the round shape, you can probably attach the turntable yourself.

Smaller remnants are still good for kitchen utensils. For instance, quartz would make a good cutting board material because the surface is scratch-resistant. For that reason, quartz would make a good cheese board, too. If you try any of these ideas, you'd have a set that attractively matches with your countertops.


While quartz isn't as heat-resistant as granite, that fact mainly applies to setting hot items directly on the surface. As a slab, quartz is very durable. Therefore, it would make a great installation for above the fireplace as a mantel.

Many homeowners choose a simple edge style for their kitchen countertops. Simple edges are classic and easy to keep clean. You wouldn't have those concerns with your mantel. Consider choosing one of the more elaborate edge styles to make your mantel even more of a design focal point.


Because quartz slabs are engineered, fabricators can make massive slabs. As a result, many commercial businesses, such as malls and airports, use quartz for flooring. As noted, quartz is exceptionally strong, so it can stand up to heavy foot traffic.

Your house isn't as big as an airport, of course. However, you could still look into quartz floors. It would be an ideal material to stand up to the humidity of the bathroom. You could use quartz outside, too, say for a balcony or patio.


Enjoy the beauty of quartz with some surprising applications. When you're ready to peruse quartz slabs, visit Xiamen Smarter Stone co.,ltd.