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Xiamen Smarter Stone - the Natural Stone Specilist 


1)  We are the quarry owner of three kinds of granite and two kinds of marble,to ensure plenty of original resource for big construction projects. 

2)  With more than 15 years export experience and equipping with a strong inspector team for ten member,every process from selecting the quarry,mass production,final packing to loading the container is under strict inspection,so that our sales will feedback every progress to customers. 

3)  Our products are exported to many countries,such as America,Canada,Europe,Asia and Middle East and so on.We also export to some countries where need to pass SGS,BV inspection before loading ,like Bangladesh and some Africa countries.We know their market very well. 

4)  We worked with many projects,such as Super Market Nizhniy-Novgorod,Russia Technical University Hall Rostov-On-Ton and so on.It puts us at the leading stage in this field. 

5)  All of our sales with highly responsibility,they follow up the execution of production and quality, always have a swift communication with customers by conveying pictures,updating newly progress. 

6)  We are fond of stone,and have great passion on stone,we are always together with our customers.

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